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Season's Greetings! Gratitude and A Happy Eco-Friendly Home Recipe.

Happy Holidays! May your winter break be filled with rest, love and exciting activities! May your heart fill with peace and joy! This year went by so fast, so much happened along the way, and we are grateful for all the challenges and blessings. There were surprises, such as our son’s marching band needing us, the volunteer parents, to help push very heavy equipment at their competitions. But that gave us the opportunity to view all the amazing, jaw-dropping performances. There were wildfire catastrophes in our area, but somehow our house was spared. Our house is not in the zone for the best and most popular high school in our area, but our son got accepted via a lottery waiting...

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Eco-Friendly Halloween for Outdoor Geeks

Halloween is around the corner. Are you going to celebrate in style? It is an important holiday for us, as our first son was born on Halloween. Then a few years later our second son was born just a few days prior to Halloween. Their Grandma would make their costumes, and we would celebrate for two weeks in a row, with parties, pinatas, pumpkin carving, and trick-or-treats. It’s the sweetest memory every year. Did you know it’s the second most celebrated commercial holiday after Christmas in America? Last year, America spent $8 billion on Halloween, this year it’s predicted to be about $9 billion. Americans spend $2.6 billion in candies, $2.7 billion in Halloween decors, and a whopping $3.2 billion...

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