4 Myths on Purpose and Happiness

1)What does it mean to live on purpose?

Depending on stages in your life, if you’re in middle age, you just want to look within yourself to amplify what you have. To have a purpose is to serve others other than oneself.

Life purpose changes throughout the life span. It might be changing the world when someone was young or simply raising wonderful children at middle age.

According to Lao Tze, everyone exists for a purpose, just like a tree has its reason for being there. No matter how little one’s role seems to be, everyone is important on a grand scale.

2)Is finding happiness a purpose?

Finding happiness is a purpose; it’s also an enabler for living and serving others.  Being happy allows one to have the energy and confidence to carry oneself in the world.  Yet not everyone can say they are joyful all the time as we all grow up with some baggage, whether it was childhood trauma, divorce, illness, failure, etc.  We need to free ourselves from the shackles and be free again to attain the happiness stage.  


3)How to heal an old wound and find happiness?

Practice self-compassion and gratitude is a critical exercise to free oneself from blames and shames on oneself. Psychological therapy is beneficial if one can afford it. But meditation and writing would do wonders to oneself in the healing. When you write in the third person, you will see your situations objectively from a third-person perspective. Things will look different, and you might know the cause and solution by distancing yourself from your former problems when you can understand your situation. When you can accept what happened, you could move forward with your life, find happiness, and channel your energy for something other than consuming yourself with past pain.  

4)Why do I keep on failing, no matter how hard I tried?

Sometimes you felt like you kept on failing, no matter how hard you tried. It was because you were not meant to do that kind of thing. Your mind and body would only be in harmony with things that align with your life.  

A mother, for example, felt stressed about having to work outside of her home because she struggles with the responsibility of taking care of her young children. If she has to work outside of the house because she is a single mother because of financial reasons, she will have to tell herself to accept giving up some motherhood experience. But for those mothers who can stay home to take care of their children, their bodies and mind would be in harmony. The mother is the pillar of a family; her disposition affects the well-being of the entire family.

A peaceful mother grows calm children. As Lao Tze said, if you want to have a legacy for 100 years, educate children. A mother’s love is essential for growing happy children.  

Take Away:

You’re here for a reason, and the world needs you. So get up, smile at yourself, and lift others, whether that is going to your job, make breakfast for your family, or just saying hello to someone you pass by.