Spiritual Awakening, a Journey Inward

There are so many turmoils in the world, disease, war, loss… Hopefully, you can stay calm and at peace with yourself.  Finding peace is an inward journey that could lead one to have a Spiritual Awakening.  

What is Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening is the realization one is part of the universe. One’s existence is a design of the universe. There is no worry about the past or the future. That your ego is no longer in control, and you realized everything is conspired by the universe. Your self-awareness and acceptance will give you a sense of peace.  

You let go of the stressors in life and be. You rise to a higher state of consciousness. You feel a sense of timelessness as you experience the moment of life. It’s a journey inward to find the true self and happiness.

“Awakening is not changing who you are but discarding who you are not.”

— Deepak Chopra

What are the Health Benefits of Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening gives you peace, and the mental health benefit is profound. Your new view of the world gives you calm. Your mind, body, and soul will be more connected. You will have more compassion for others and the ability to see synchronicities. 

Spiritual Awakening releases your mental blockage. You find out who you are and design your life to align with your authenticity. The process could be painful at first, but it would lead to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

How to get Spiritual Awakening?

Some people have a spiritual awakening after a trauma experience, significant life-changing events, an existential crisis, a near-death experience. Spiritual Awakening can happen after someone had a significant health crisis, divorce, loss of a loved one, any major disaster or tragedy. Some people seek Spiritual Awakening intentionally.  

One might go through a period of low and depression as one revisits old wounds. One might feel alone, abandoned by God, tired, lost, but all these feelings will pass as one eventually achieves enlightenment. Forgiveness and shedding the old self allow one to release the energy blockage and emerge an empowered human being.  

Activities that can help to achieve Spiritual Awakening: meditation, mindfulness practices, being outdoor with nature, caring for animals and plants, exercise, volunteer, laugh, dance, connect with the community, practicing gratitude, slow down, or going through self-transformation practices.  


How do you know you are having a Spiritual Awakening? Spiritual Awakening Signs:

-You become aware of your environment, questioning your life, and wanting change. You would ask questions such as “Why am I here?”, “What is the purpose of my life?”, “Why do good people suffer?”, “What is the meaning of life?” You feel a sense of connection to something divine. You are part of Heaven and Earth. You belong and are loved. 

Astrophysicist Alan Lightman described this experience as he was on a boat in Maine one night: 

“The boat disappeared. My body disappeared. And I found myself falling into infinity. A feeling came over me I’d not experienced before.” 

“I felt an overwhelming connection to the stars, as if I were part of them. And the vast expanse of time — extending from the far distant past long before I was born and then into the far distant future long after I will die — seemed compressed to a dot. I felt connected not only to the stars but to all of nature, and to the entire cosmos. I felt a merging with something far larger than myself, a grand and eternal unity, a hint of something absolute.”

-Letting go of attachments and old beliefs. You realize money, fame, power, materials goods do not bring you true happiness. You shed old ideas and mental shackles to emotional freedom.   

-You have an inner peace that hardly anything can bother you. You will have the calm that any pain will fleet in a moment. 

-Become more psychic or have more intuition for the world. Your energy aligns with the universe. You have the hunch to make quick decisions.

-Have more synchronicity or seeing the universe conspired to make things happen for you. Opportunities came knocking on your door as you radiate the confidence.  

-You have more compassion for others and yourself. You are kind to yourself and mindful. 

-Lose the fear of death. Death is nothing to fear, as you are just a spirit having a human experience. Your energy prevails in the universe.

-You are comfortable with yourself and your authenticity. You heal with self-love and self-acceptance. You are here for a reason and unique by design. You are enough.

How many Spiritual Awakenings do you have in a lifetime?

Spiritual Awakening takes a lifetime for someone to encounter or achieve. Or it can happen many times for someone. Old self or beliefs died, then a new self reborn. One soul can keep reinventing, evolve and reaching for the higher Divine.  

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