Mental Health Awareness Month-Tips to Rise Above

Does everyone have some type of mental disorder? How to rise above?

“The NIMH estimates that 26.2 percent of all adults will experience some kind of mental disorder within a year and that 46.4 percent will experience some kind of mental disorder within their lifetimes. Oct 7, 2018,” Google search.

Mental health can affect anyone. We all experience emotional ebbs and flows. Sometimes certain life events can drive us into spirals, abyss, and despair.

Mental affliction can affect our physical well-being. To stay healthy and functional, we need to feed our souls. You cannot pour from an empty cup. The importance of practicing self-care is life or death.

Mental wellness is just as essential, if not more, than physical wellness. The technology age has brought society to pay more attention to the topic as suicide rates rose. News of young influencers taking their lives seems to be quite frequent.  The mental plague goes on all ages, and it can happen to anybody. Having access to a good mental health professional is a privilege that not everyone can afford. But there are a lot of good mental self-care resources online that one can take advantages of:

How to rise above mental sufferings?

Seek your soul, heal the past wound, accept and love yourself. Practice self-love often, exercise, eat healthy food, see nature, get your beauty sleep, set boundaries to keep toxic people away, whatever you need to do to center yourself. Realize all things, joys, or pains will pass. We are only here on earth for a short time, don’t let emotional baggage drag you down. Be grateful for what you have, or simply alive. Life on earth is beautiful if you choose to see it. So stop, breathe, and take in the view. How do you feel? Share your experience with us, use hashtags: #MentalHealth; #MentalHealthMonth; #LetsTalk and #TogetherWeCan

Uplifting Quotes for you and stay well:

“You are enough!” 

“You are beautiful!”

“Just be happy, it drives people crazy!”